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Protect the roof over your head and everything under it.

For most of us, our home is our most important financial asset. However, you put so much more than money into your home and possessions. We’ll find the broad protection that you can trust by comparing rates and coverages from several of America’s best insurance companies.

Our experienced agents are trained to understand and identify what your exposures are. We take the time to research your property, find the right coverage, and offer a customized package specific to your needs. And we never pressure our clients to pay for anything they don’t understand. We take the time to answer all of your questions and explain your coverages in a way that is easy to understand.

Every year we review your policies up for renewal and automatically check rates for you, so you know you’re still getting the best price.

Basic types of coverage:

  • Dwelling

    This covers a broad (but limited) range of potential loss or damage to the structure of your home (such as fire or hail damage) as well as to built-in appliances, floors, walls and ceilings and—most importantly—can cover the cost of completely rebuilding your home in the case of a complete loss.

  • Other Structures

    Similar to dwelling coverage, this offers repair or replacement of certain structures on your property—like a shed, shop or garage—that aren’t attached to your house.

  • Personal Property

    This covers the cost of replacing certain possessions (furniture, clothes, appliances) covered in your policy that are in your residence.

  • Additional Living Expenses

    If you end up having to move out of your home while it is being repaired for certain damages, this coverage pays for hotel expenses and even food, up to certain limits.

  • Personal Liability

    If someone is injured in your home and needs medical care or their property is damaged, this coverage pays for their care or property. Additional coverage is available to protect you from lawsuits, libel or slander.

Additional types of coverage available include but are not limited to flood, earthquake, water/sewer backup, and additional coverage for specific types of personal property.

Renters Insurance

Renters insurance not only covers your personal possessions from theft, fire, and other types of damage, it protects you from liability if someone suffers an injury at your residence. It even covers living expenses if you have to move out while the landlord is having repairs done to make your rental livable again. No matter where you live—in a house, condo, apartment, or even a dorm room—knowing your possessions are covered gives you peace of mind.

Insurance for Owners of Rental Property

Owning rental property carries unique risks and liabilities you can’t afford to overlook. This specialized coverage designed for landlords covers the dwelling, personal property owned by the landlord in the dwelling, liability, and loss of rents risk.